Computer Graphics

Work in Progress (Corel draw and photoshop)

Cats eye clock (Corel draw)

Apocalypse Now (done well before recent events)

Can't see the wood for the trees (photoshop)

Time strip (photoshop and corel draw), based on a sequence from my "shining city" video

A45 (Corel draw and photoshop)

Space (Corel Draw)

Myself as an Icon (Corel Draw)

Logo for West Mids Autistic society's aspire service, runner up in competition.

Vitruvian man (Photoshop)

Whitby Abbey (Corel draw)

Yet another self portrait also from one of my videos

Another variant of the self portrait, click on the picture to see where the reflection comes from.

A little fun with an old master (Piero Della Francesca) including some of my friends, a picture of my real baptism can be found here

I am sure everyone has a take on this, but can you see the odd one out ?


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