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Some of these pictures have larger images, click picture to see, in pictures where it is difficult to pick me out I have included a green arrow in the larger image.

Me about 6 months old

I still have the Teddy Bear


Me and my Grandma

On holiday 1960's


An old school photograph, from Finham Infants School circa 1960, I am in the bottom left corner, front row.  If anyone else happens across this photo and recognises themselves please let me know 

me enlarged

On Holiday in the Lake District and in deep water My love of mountains stems from an early age, here is me and my brother on holiday in the lake district sometime in the early 60's 
Me and my brother Marcus In the harsh winter of 1963

Me and Marcus early 1960's


Me and my dog Schnaps about 1966

Me on holiday about 1968


My first Trike

In the 1970's I had a succession of scooters and never less than four at once! Sadly I had to get rid of them eventually, two of the oldest going to an enthusiast. 
Me and my brother Marcus, Mother and Dog Schnaps on Lake Windermere about 1964 Here we are again in our back garden 1973
Mum, Dad and Marcus on holiday in Yorkshire early 1970's 

With Mum in an art gallery

Spon End, Coventry c 1973

In a country lane near where I was born early 1970's

On Photo Reconaiscance 1973

c 1974

Striking a pose at Warwick University 1976 another pose at Warwick University
c 1976

c 1980

c 1980


Here I am at the opening of Coventry's first "Benefit Shop" in 1982


Me and mum c 1984

The Benefit Shop again 


Work at the Benefit Shop led on to many other things, We held a mock funeral of the Welfare State at the height of Thatchers "Victorian Values" period 

This is what I used to drive until costs got too much, a bit different from my old scooters. It is a Coleman Milne, Ford Dorchester.  On holiday with my mother in Scotland. Visit her webpage and find out more about her Squirell wheelchair
And this is what I drive now, vintage 1973

Me in garden 1999

Me in garden 1957


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