Autonomy, the Critical Journal of Interdisciplinary Autism Studies

This new journal, the latest offshoot of the Autreach project will  appeal to the widest range of the current autism research community and foster cross disciplinary discourse between the fields of medical research, education and sociology amongst others

The  emphasis will be on encouraging contributions from autistic scholars who have hitherto had limited exposure to academic publishing. We will feature papers reviewed by respected academics in the appropriate fields, reviews and also feature an opinions section which it is hoped will stimulate a lively interdisciplinary debate.

At the present time the editorial team consists of a small core of academics, most of whom have some link with the Autism Centre for Educational Research at the University of Birmingham (UK)  though we are expanding our appeal as we progress towards a sample issue demonstrating the future potential of this journal.

Expressions of interest are encouraged and we urge you to register with us.

Vol 1, No 6 (2019): Short issue

Rolling publication of important articles

Table of Contents


Introduction to the 6th edition of Autonomy HTML
Laurence Arnold


Deconstructing diagnosis: multi-disciplinary perspectives on a diagnostic tool HTML DOC
Damian Milton, Steven Kapp, Virginia Bovell, Sami Timimi, Ginny Russell
A discussion about Theory of Mind: From an Autistic Perspective from Autism Europe's Congress 2000 HTML DOC
J Blackburn, Katja Gottschewski, Elsa George, Niki L
The Condition With No Name: Autism Prevalance in a Farmworker Community HTML
Rebecca Álvarez, Marisol Ornelas


The strength of autistic expertise and its implications for autism knowledge production: A response to Damian Milton. HTML
Richard Woods, Mitzi Waltz
Pathological Demand Avoidance: Is it time to move beyond the pathological need to not to develop more inclusive pedagogical practices? HTML
Richard Woods

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