Autistic Authors Booklist and Facts

Volume 1. No. 2

Autistic Authors Booklist and Facts


October 25, 2013

By Amanda M Baggs



A list of autistic authors, previously published on

This was originally part of the library of articles available on the web site and therefore the references are not to any particular academic style. Although the list is not up to date it is nonetheless worth wider publication as it contains a valuable number of references not to be found collected elsewhere, and it is the editors consideration that they should be more widely known.


Autistic Authors Booklist and Facts

By Amanda M Baggs

Last updated Sunday 25 June 2006.

The following is a booklist of books by autistic authors, alphabetical by author's last name and then as close to chronological as possible. Most are in English, although there are some in other languages. There is a link to the author's website where possible, and in the event that the entire book is published on the web, there is a link to the book. This list does not include people speculated to be autistic, or closeted autistic people, only people who have published as autistic. Bill Gates and Einstein are not here, nor are people who have published books but are not openly autistic (I respect their privacy). Some items in this list are more articles than books, but have been published as if they are books. Some interesting facts about these books are listed below the booklist.

Where determinable, books that don't mention autism will have the words "not autism-related" after them.

Books by, or edited by, autistic people

In anthologies, contributing authors are listed after the title, when they're known. Anthology contributors known to be autistic are in bold, but I may miss some unless I've read the book.

  • Sean Barron
    1. There's A Boy In Here: Emerging from the Bonds of Autism (1992) - with Judy Barron
    2. Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships (2005) - with Temple Grandin
  • Jen Birch
    1. Congratulations! It's Asperger syndrome (2003)
  • Lucy Blackman
    1. Lucy's Story: Autism and Other Adventures (1999)
  • Joffrey Bouissac
    1. Qui j'aurai t... Journal d'un adolescent autiste
  • Axel Brauns
    1. Buntschatten und Fledermuse. Leben in einer anderen Welte. (2002)
    2. Kraniche und Klopfer (2004) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
    3. Tag der Jagd (2004) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
  • John Brine
    1. Confusion, Loneliness, Depression: Asperger's Syndrome - A Journey (2000) - with Patricia Brine, later retitled Two-Stepping in a Waltz World [alternate title added to booklist 2006-05-07]
    2. It's the Only Dance I Know (2006) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
  • Sofie Koborg Brsen
    1. Do You Understand Me? My Life, My Thoughts, My Autism Spectrum Disorder (FUTURE) (translated from Danish, Kan I forst mig?) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Eric Y. Chen
    1. Mirror Mind: Penetrating Autism's Enigma (200?) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
  • Sharon P. Cowhey
    1. Going through the Motions: Coping with Autism (2005) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Kate Noelle Downey
    1. The People in a Girl's Life: How to Find Them, Better Understand Them and Keep Them (2002) - with Martha Kate Downey
  • David Eastham
    1. Understand: Fifty Memowriter Poems (1985)
    2. Silent Words: Forever Friends (1990) - with Margaret Eastham, posthumous, Forever Friends is his
  • Kasper Bastholm Elsvor
    1. En helt anden verden - En beretning af en ung mand med Aspergers syndrom (1996)
    2. Ddseksperimentet (2000) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
  • Jennifer Fan
    1. Cinderella With Wrong Shoes: Poems by a Young Woman with Autism (2001) - with Autumn Fan
  • Marc Fleisher
    1. Making Sense of the Unfeasible: My Life Journey with Asperger Syndrome (2003)
    2. Survival Strategies for People on the Autism Spectrum (2005) [added to booklist 2005-12-02]
  • Gunilla Gerland
    1. A Real Person: Life on the Outside (1996) - translated from Swedish, En riktig mnniska, by Joan Tate
    2. Finding Out About Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and PDD (1997) translated from Swedish, Det r bra att frga.. om Asperger syndrom och hgfungerande autism
  • Temple Grandin
    1. Emergence: Labeled Autistic (1986) - with Margaret M. Scariano
    2. Thinking in Pictures: and other reports from my life with autism (1995)
    3. Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals (1998) - editor, not autism-related
    4. Animal Welfare and Meat Science (1999) - with Neville G. Gregory, not autism-related
    5. Livestock Handling and Transport (2000) - editor, not autism-related
    6. Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism (2004) - with Kate Duffy
    7. Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior (2005) - with Catherine Johnson
    8. Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships (2005) - with Sean Barron
  • Lincoln Grigsby
    1. The Light Within (2001)
  • Will Hadcroft
    1. Anne Droyd and Century Lodge (2004) [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
    2. The Feeling's Unmutual: Growing Up With Asperger Syndrome (Undiagnosed) (2005)
  • Alison Hale
    1. My World is not Your World (1998)
  • Charles Martel Hale, Jr.
    1. I Had No Means to Shout! (1999) - with Mary Jane Hale
  • Kenneth Hall
    1. Asperger Syndrome, the Universe, and Everything (2001)
  • Erika Hammerschmidt
    1. Born on the Wrong Planet (2005) [added to booklist 2005-03-13]
  • E. Antonio Hernandez
    1. No Duty To Retreat: The Stories of Tourette's Disease and Asperger's Autism (2003)
  • Ppinder Hundal
    1. "now you know me think more": A Journey with Autism using Facilitated Communication Techniques (2003) - with Pauline Lukey
  • Luke Jackson
    1. A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD (2001) - appendices by Jacqui Jackson
    2. Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence (2002)
    3. Crystalline Lifetime: Fragments of Asperger Syndrome (2006) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Nita Jackson
    1. Standing Down Falling Up: Asperger Syndrome from the Inside Out (2002)
  • William Julien
    1. Carrousels and Storms: Mysticism from an Autistic Mind
    2. From Infant Bestiality to Adolescent Humanity: A Maturing Evolution Theory Regarding ASD Among the Human Species
  • Wendy Lawson
    1. Life As An Alien may be by a different author, not sure
    2. Life Behind Glass: A Personal Account of Autism Spectrum Disorder (1998)
    3. Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism: An Insider's View (2001)
    4. Build Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome (2003)
    5. Sex, Sexuality and the Autism Spectrum (2005) [added to booklist 2004-09-18]
    6. ASPoetry: Illustrated Poems from an Aspie Life (2006) [added to booklist 2005-12-02]
    7. Friendships: The Aspie Way (2006) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Jonathan Lerman
    1. Jonathan Lerman: The Drawings of a Boy with Autism (2002) with Caren Lerman [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Nicky Mann
    1. And Wake Me with the Morning Light (2003)
  • Patrick McCabe
    1. Living and Loving with Asperger Syndrome: Family Viewpoints (2003) - with Estelle and Jared McCabe
  • Thomas McKean
    1. The Mira Trilogy (1992)
    2. Soon Will Come the Lightl: A View from Inside the Autism Puzzle (1994)
    3. Light on the Horizon: A Deeper View from Inside the Autism Puzzle (1996)
  • Desmond Meldrum
    1. Growing Up With Asperger Syndrome (1994)
    2. Coping with Asperger Syndrome (1997)
    3. The Asperger Experience (1999)
    4. The Alternative Personality (2001)
  • Roger Meyer
    1. Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook: An Employment Workbook for Adults with Asperger Syndrome (2001)
    2. Group Experiences for Asperger Syndrome Adults - What's in it for Me? (FUTURE)
  • Jane Meyerding
    1. We Are All Part of One Another: A Barbara Deming Reader (1984) - editor, not autism-related
    2. Everywhere House: A Mystery (1994) - not autism-related
  • David Miedzianik
    1. My Autobiography (1986)
    2. Now All I've Got Left Is Myself
    3. Taking the Load off My Mind
  • Teodor Mihail
    1. Transfer Boy: Perspectives on Asperger Syndrome (2005) - with Ljiljana Vuletic, Michel Ferrari, looks like a case study [added to booklist 2004-09-18]
  • Jean Kearns Miller
    1. Women From Another Planet?: Our Lives in the Universe of Autism (2003) - editor
  • Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay
    1. Beyond the Silence: My Life, the World and Autism (2000) [American 2003 release titled The Mind Tree: An Extraordinary Child Breaks the Silence of Autism]
    2. The Gold of the Sunbeams: And Other Stories (2006) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Peter Myers
    1. The Exact Mind: An Artist with Asperger Syndrome (2003) - with Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright
  • Krishna Narayanan
    1. Wasted Talent: Musings of an Autistic (2003)
  • Jerry Newport
    1. Your Life is Not a Label: A Guide to Living Fully with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome for Parents, Professionals and You! (2001)
    2. Autism - Asperger's and Sexuality: Puberty and Beyond (2002) - with Mary Newport
  • Mary Newport
    1. Autism - Asperger's and Sexuality: Puberty and Beyond (2002) - with Jerry Newport
  • Jasmine Lee O'Neill
    1. Through the Eyes of Aliens: A Book About Autistic People (1998)
  • Michael J. O'Reilly
    1. And Love Was All He Said: Growing Up Autistic (2000)
  • Thomas S. Page
    1. Caught Between Two Worlds: My Autistic Dilemma (2002)
  • Jessica Peers
    1. Asparagus Dreams (2003)
  • Dawn Prince-Hughes
    1. The Archetype of the Ape-man: The Phenomenological Archaeology of a Relic Hominid Ancestor (2000) - not autism-related
    2. Adam (2001) - not autism-related
    3. Gorillas Among Us: A Primate Ethnographer's Book of Days (2001) - with Anne Hulse and Jane Goodall - not autism-related
    4. Aquamarine Blue 5: Personal Stories of College Students with Autism (2002) - editor
      • Angie
      • Arthur
      • Crocus
      • Darius
      • Garry
      • Jim
      • Chris Marsh
      • Michelle
      • Myriam
      • Douglas O'Neal
      • Dawn Prince-Hughes
      • Susan
    5. Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through Autism (2004)
    6. Teryk Brydanialun (FUTURE)
  • Jeanette Purkis
    1. Finding a Different Kind of Normal: Misadventures with Asperger Syndrome (2006) [added to booklist 2005-12-02]
  • Chammi Rajapatirana
    1. The Vial (2002)
  • Adriana Rocha
    1. A Child of Eternity: An Extraordinary Young Girl's Message from the World Beyond (1995) - with Kristi Jorde
  • Katja Rohde
    1. Ich Igelkind. Botschaften aus einer autistischen Welt. (1999)
  • Craig Romkema
    1. Embracing the Sky: Poems Beyond Disability (2002)
  • Clare Sainsbury
    1. Martian in the Playground: Understanding the Schoolchild with Asperger's Syndrome (2000)
  • Robert S. Sanders, Jr.
    1. Mission of the Galactic Salesman (1996) - with Jason D. Fisher, edited by Becky Menn-Hamdin, not autism-related
    2. Mission Beyond the Ice Cave: Atlantis-Mexico-Zotola (1999) - not autism-related
    3. Heritage Findings from Atlantis (2000) - not autism-related
    4. Walking Between Worlds: A Novel of an American in Mexico (2001) - pseudonym Robert Alquzok, not autism-related
    5. Overcoming Asperger's: Personal Experience and Insight (2002)
  • Susanne Schfer
    1. Stjrnor, linser och pplen - att leva med autism (1996)
    2. Die 'Schlafkrankheit' Narkolepsie (1998)
  • Edgar Schneider
    1. Discovering My Autism: Apologia pro Vita Sua (With Apologies to Cardinal Newman (1999)
    2. Living the Good Life with Autism (2003)
  • Rich Schull
    1. Autism, Pre Rain Man: Pre Rain Man Autism (2003)
  • Marc Segar
    1. Coping: A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome (1997)
    2. The Battles of the Autistic Thinker
  • Birger Sellin
    1. I Don't Want to Be Inside Me Anymore: Messages from an Autistic Mind (1995) - translated from German, Ich will kein inmich mehr sein, botschaften aus einem autistischen kerker. (1993) by Anthea Bell
    2. In Dark Hours I Find My Way: Messages From an Autistic Mind (1995) - also apparently translated from German, Ich will kein inmich mehr sein, botschaften aus einem autistischen kerker. (1993)
    3. Ich Deserteur einer artigen Autistenrasse. Neue Botschaften an das Volk der Oberwelt. (1997) - with Michael Klonovsky
  • Stephen Shore
    1. Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome (2001)
    2. Ask and Tell: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum (2004) - editor
      • Ruth Elaine Joyner Hane
      • Roger N. Meyer
      • Phil Schwarz
      • Stephen M. Shore
      • Kassiane Sibley
      • Liane Holliday Willey
  • Jim Sinclair
    1. The Story of Isosceles (2003)
  • Christopher Slater-Walker
    1. An Asperger Marriage (2002) - with Gisela Slater-Walker
  • Candy Smith
    1. It's OK To Have Asperger Syndrome
  • Starfire M. L. Soledad
    1. Spectrums: A Collection of Poems (2003)
  • William Stillman
    1. The Wizard of Oz (1990) - with Jay Scarfone and John Fricke, not autism-related [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    2. The Wizard of Oz Collector's Treasury (1992) - with Jay Scarfone and Tim McGowan, not autism-related [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    3. The Wizard of Oz : The Film Classic Comes to Life With Sound and Stunning Three-Dimension (2000) - with Jay Scarfone, not autism-related [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    4. Demystifying the Autistic Experience: A Humanistic Introduction for Parents, Caregivers, and Educators (2002)
    5. The Wizardry of Oz: The Artistry And Magic of The 1939 MGM Classic - Revised and Expanded Edition (2004) - with Jay Scarfone, not autism-related [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    6. The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Asperger's Syndrome: Help, Hope, and Guidance (2005) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    7. The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Bipolar Disorder: Professional, Reassuring Advice to Help You Understand and Cope (2005), not autism-related [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
    8. Autism And the God Connection: Redefining the Autistic Experience Through Extraordinary Accounts of Spiritual Giftedness (2006) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Sarah Stup
    1. Do-Si-Do with Autism (2006) [added to booklist 2006-06-25]
  • Georgiana Thomas
    1. Overcoming Autism
  • Gilles Trhin
    1. Urville (2006) [added to booklist 2006-04-13]
  • Franz Uebelacker
    1. "Ich lasse mich durch wilde Fantasien tragen" - Selbstportrts eines autistischen Spastikers (1998)
  • J. Kevin Vasey
    1. The Road Trip: Life with Autism (2005) - with Gloria Pearson-Vasey [added to booklist 2006-05-07]
  • Liane Holliday Willey
    1. Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome (1999)
    2. Asperger Syndrome in the Family: Redefining Normal (2001)
    3. Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence: Living with the Ups, the Downs and Things in Between (2003) - editor
      • Tony Attwood
      • Dennis Debbaudt
      • DeAnn Foley
      • Stephen Gutstein
      • Isabelle Hnault
      • Richard Howlin
      • Jacqui Jackson
      • Luke Jackson
      • Rebecca Moyes
      • Lise Pyles
      • Stephen Shore
      • Mike Stanton
      • Liane Holliday Willey
      • Marc Willey
  • Donna Williams
    1. Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic (1992) - part 1 of 4 autobiographies
    2. Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism (1993) - part 2 of 4 autobiographies
    3. Not Just Anything: A Collection of Thoughts on Paper (1995)
    4. Like Color to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding (1996) - part 3 of 4 autobiographies
    5. Autism - An Inside Out Approach: An innovative look at the mechanics of 'autism' and its developmental 'cousins' (1996)
    6. Autism and Sensing: The Unlost Instinct (1998)
    7. Exposure Anxiety - The Invisible Cage: An Exploration of Self-Protection Response in the Autism Spectrum and Beyond (2002)
    8. Everyday Heaven: Journeys Beyond the Stereotypes of Autism (2004) - part 4 of 4 autobiographies
    9. The Jumbled Jigsaw: An Insider's Approach to the Treatment of Autistic Spectrum `Fruit Salads' (2005) [added to booklist 2004-09-18]
  • James Williams
    1. The Self-Help Guide for Special Kids and Their Parents (2000) - with Joan Matthews
  • Sondra Williams
    1. Reflections of Self
  • Ryan Wilson
    1. The Legendary Blobshocker (1999)
  • Stephen Wiltshire
    1. Drawings (1985)
    2. Cities (1987)
    3. Floating Cities (1991)
    4. Stephen Wiltshire's American Dream (1993)
  • Mary Margaret Britton Yearwood
    1. In Their Hearts: Inspirational Alzheimer's Stories (2003)
    2. [Autobiography -- TITLE UNKNOWN SO FAR] (FUTURE)
  • Dietmar Zller
    1. Wenn ich mit euch reden knnte... Ein autistischer Junge beschreibt sein Leben (1989)
    2. Ich gebe nicht auf: Aufzeichnungen und Briefe eines autistischen jungen Mannes, der versucht, sich die Welt zu oeffnen (1992)
    3. Autismus und Krpersprache.

Strungen der Signalverarbeitung zwischen Kopf und Krpersprache. (2001)

    1. Gesttzte Kommunikation (FC): Pro und Contra. Diskussion aus der Sicht eines Betroffenen.

Anthologies Edited by Non-Autistic People

Contributing authors are listed after the title and editor, when they're known. These are anthologies where either all contributors are autistic or many are. Contributors known to be autistic are in bold, but I may miss some unless I've read the book.

  • Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone edited by Douglas Biklen (2005)
    • Richard Attfield
    • Douglas Biklen
    • Larry Bissonnette
    • Lucy Blackman
    • Jamie Burke
    • Alberto Frugone
  • Coming Out Asperger: Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence edited by Dinah Murray (2005)
    • David Andrews
    • Tony Attwood
    • Penny Barratt
    • Tom Berney
    • Michelle Dawson
    • Dennis Debbaudt
    • Dora Georgiou
    • Jacqui Jackson
    • Wendy Lawson
    • Mike Lessing
    • Jane Meyerding
    • Lynne Moxon
    • Dinah Murray
    • Jennifer Overton
    • Heta Pukki
    • Stephen Shore
    • Philip Whitaker
    • Liane Holliday Willey
  • Sharing Our Wisdom: A Collection of Presentations by People within the Autism Spectrum edited by Gail Gillingham and Sandra McClennan (2004)
    • Kenny Affonce
    • Jean-Paul Bovee
    • Jamie Burke
    • Anne Carpenter
    • Tyler Fihe
    • Maegan Stoddard Garcia
    • David Goodman
    • Kathy Grant
    • Ruth Elaine Hane
    • Stephen Hinkle
    • Mike Hoover
    • Sharisa Joy Kochmeister
    • Barbara Moran
    • Sandra Radisch
    • Chammi Rajapatirana
    • Sue Rubin
    • Jenn Seybert
    • Dan Treacy
    • Ian Whetherbee
    • Wally Wojotowicz, Jr.
  • Voices from the Spectrum: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, People with Autism, and Professionals Share Their Wisdom edited by Cindy N. Ariel and Robert A. Naseef (2005)
    • Andrew Abere
    • Beth Adler
    • Samira Al-Saad
    • Margaret Anderson
    • Cindy N. Ariel
    • Marc Biondo
    • Kimberly M. Bittner
    • Sarah Brodie
    • Simon Brodie
    • Gerard Costa
    • Stephanie Coyle
    • Maribel Danta
    • Nicholas Dixon
    • Sheryle Dixon
    • Pim Donkersloot
    • Phil Dougherty
    • Rauidhri Finn
    • Katherine Flaschen
    • Margaret Janger Flynn
    • Anne Marie Gallagher
    • Patricia E. Gardocki
    • Gayle Gates
    • Nayma Glenn
    • Dan Gottlieb
    • Heidi J. Graff
    • Auriela van Hulsteyn
    • Nancy Ironside
    • Susan Ironside
    • Rosemary Johann-Liang
    • Heidi Kunisch
    • Lydia Liang
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • Irene Litherland
    • Mary Marmion
    • Lauren Goldman Marshall
    • Roger N. Meyer
    • Shelley Milhous
    • Trish Miron
    • Eric R. Mitchell
    • Alex Mont
    • Robert Naseef
    • Zo Naseef
    • Elizabeth Nedler
    • John Nelson
    • Oscar Olson
    • Sally Olson
    • Eric Peter
    • Frances S. Rosenfield
    • Antonia Rowland
    • Bertram Ruttenberg
    • Todd Schmidt
    • Fiona Scott
    • Lillilan N. Stiegler
    • Stephen Shore
    • Shelley Stolaroff Segal
    • Tanya Stanley
    • Carol Anne Swett
    • Elaine Tarutis
    • Eileen Teyssou
    • Donna Williams
    • Lauren Yaffe

Some Interesting Facts

  • Autistic people write books. This shouldn't surprise people anymore, but it often does.
  • The first book I can find written by an autistic author is Understand: Fifty Memowriter Poems by David Eastham, published in 1985. Eastham died tragically in 1988, but more of his work was published posthumously along with a biography by his mother.
  • Claims that there are fewer autism-related books by male autistic authors are false. As of the original compilation of this list in early 2003, there have been slightly more books by male autistic authors than female autistic authors published in English. However, a lot of books by male authors have gone out of print, and almost no books by female authors have gone out of print. Female authors also tend to be more well-known.
  • Claims that books by male authors are a recent occurrence are false. The above statements have been true since the beginning, and the main problem seems to be staying in print and obscurity of the publication.
  • Tony Attwood claims that Lucy Blackman's book is different than others because she has never used speech, but several books before hers have been written by autistic people who have never used speech. Among the other authors are David Eastham, Adriana Rocha, and Birger Sellin. David Eastham wrote the first one of anyone, speaking or not. There are even more non-speaking authors who have no books published in English, and there are other authors who do not use speech despite using it in the past.
  • Aquamarine Blue 5 got its title from the synaesthesia of one of the contributing authors. I find myself forced to disagree vigorously. 5 is not aquamarine blue. 5 is brown. The only thing in real life the color of a 5 is a dog turd. The only blue number is 4, and in order to get the color on the cover of that book one would have to mix the colors of K and J. ;-) More information on synaesthesia can be found here.

List and facts compiled and researched by A M Baggs, with much perseveration, insomnia, and dyscalculic frustration. Always eager to be updated or corrected, except when sleeping or perseverating on something else, in which case she won't notice anyway.





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