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One of the aims of Autonomy is to include a previously published article from the internet, that is in danger of being lost in cyberspace.

Freestone Wilson, in what was originally a usenet post in response to the question “Is autism on the increase” advanced an argument that conditions such as autism are more prevalent today (or at least diagnosed as such) because of the technological progress and pace of civilization that renders it difficult for those faced with atypical neurology to cope.

Freestone Wilson maintains a current blog and active Twitter account.

In the interests of adapting what was originally a post to article format I have made a few corrections to spelling, added capitalization at the beginning of the sentences and adjusted the line lengths to a new format. I have otherwise left Freestone’s own style of punctuation and emphasis

Original date 4/4/00 alt.support.autism


Autism; Neurodiversity


Wilson, Freestone (2000) Usenet Post. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/alt.support.autism/freestone|sort:date/alt.support.autism/bAz14LiXZt4/MmszRJW3S18J retrieved 21/4/15

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