Vol 1, No 2 (2013)

The second edition of Autonomy

This is the second edition of Autonomy containing more articles than the first demonstration edition

Table of Contents


Editorial HTML PDF
Laurence Arnold


‘Filling in the Gaps’: A Micro-Sociological Analysis of Autism HTML PDF
Damian Elgin Maclean Milton
The mismeasure of autism: a challenge to orthodox autism theory HTML PDF
Nicholas Paul Chown
Art ... a positive necessity of life HTML PDF
Dinah Murray
A Bibliography of autistic authors HTML PDF
Amanda M Baggs


Why I dislike “person first” Language HTML PDF
Jim Sinclair
The Social Construction of the Savant HTML PDF
Laurence Arnold


Review: Autistic Company HTML PDF
Damian Elgin Maclean Milton
Review: Autism a Social and Medical History by Mitzi Waltz HTML PDF
Laurence Arnold
Justice Feeds the Soul: A Response to Olga Bogdashina’s new book ‘Autism and Spirituality’ HTML PDF
Caroline Henthorne

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