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Born Again.

picture of me at homeOn September 29th 2002 I was Baptised by full immersion at the Queens Road Baptist Church in Coventry

Surely the most important day in my life so far.

Here is the testimony I gave

"For a long time I have been a seeker after truth, and gradually came to believe with my mind, but not with my heart. I thought especially when I learnt about my Asperger's syndrome that it would shut me off forever from a real relationship with Jesus. I know now that I was wrong, and that God has been watching over me ever since I was born into the world, leading me gently to this point in my life.

I know that Jesus died for me and what a sacrifice this was, and because of that I want to follow Jesus, and for that reason I know that baptism is what Jesus wants me to do, so that I can show to everybody that I have become a Christian.

My initial shock and horror at the idea of going into the water is insignificant when I consider what Jesus has done and the love that he has for us all."

I was proceeded in my Baptism by Sam, a young person with Asperger's who read out a poem. I was pleased that my Uncle and Aunt were able to come to the service too.

My most heartfelt thanks go to my good friend Nikola (who also has Asperger's syndrome), who supported me throughout my journey to this conclusion.

What autism means to me


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