Crime does not pay

William Blake, Satan smiting Job with sore boils

One of my favourite books in the Bible is the book of Job, whether it is co-incidence that this was also high on the list of the pre-raphaelites I don't know, however I am beginning to know how the poor chap felt. My impregnable fortress was burgled on the first anniversary of my mothers death to the very hour and a week later I parted with my twenty year old cat Circe, (who features elsewhere on my web site).

Well perhaps its all rather trivial in the spectrum of catastrophe, compared to what goes on elsewhere in the world, but I am given to thinking that my God has forsaken me. I am also given to thinking in terms of old Testament curses for those who burgled my flat, may they reap what they sow.

However I realise that they are as locked into their life situation as I am in mine. They were clearly not well educated, although skilled and trained in the art of burglary, not to mention fearless in abseiling onto my balcony from the roof and entering via a window ledge. (Imitators please note that entrance is now secured).

It seems that at Grass roots level Tony Blair's New deal is not working, no-one who is in any way disadvantaged (and that can mean living under the wrong post code) can hope to get a job in the buyers market. In fact I do not believe that most employers if they were forced to apply for their own jobs and face the same selection procedures they impose on candidates, would get any where near a short list.

It is no wonder that people opt out of the system. I have opted out for self employment, they, the burglars have opted for a career in petty crime.

They are at the bottom end of the spectrum. Above them come the fences, who probably won't even take most of what the burglars stole from me, because the idiots forgot to take vital operating components like chargers, software and interface cards.

No, the real criminals are the politicians, and the social workers and the clergy who patronise the lower orders and live life as remote as they can from the Council Estates.

I am sticking in here. I believe in social housing, I believe in the National Health Service and I believe in looking out for myself.

William Blake, The Ancient of Days

"We are all of one mind, one equal mind, and if each of us persists in being the centre of our own existence we are all doomed to suffer at each others hands. I cannot exist on my own without you, neither can you be without me, what is the world wide web about after all?. We are interdependent whether we are aware of the fact or not"

"May they reap what they sow" a footnote

This is not an idle curse methinks, as due to the marvels of modern communications technology I managed to secure an arrest. The culprit was only sentenced for recieving and nothing was recovered but he will nonetheless be spending some months inside at her majestys pleasure

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