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More than a decade ago Clare Sainsbury, the author of the Martian in the Playground, established a mailing list and web site to support autistic students moving into higher education.

Although that list no longer exists (an alternative can be found here) many autistic people have now been through University, and some have gone on to post graduate study in many different and sometimes unexpected academic fields. Some such as Dr Stephen Shore, Dr Wendy Lawson and Dr Dawn Prince Hughes have gone on to considerable distinction, whilst others like the author of this site are still going through the process.

This site is intended to be focus for both undergraduates and postgraduates, those who are contemplating the process and those who have it behind them.

The past decade has seen many changes in the world of autism besides the wider recognition of autistic adults in the community. The focus of autism research has become wider and is no longer exclusively the domain of medical science, it now encompasses education, and cultural and disability studies.

In spite of this widening autistic voices are still under represented in the academic discourse. Autistic people are still more likely to be seen as the subjects of research than the initiators or commentors on it.

To this end a new journal has been envisaged, to give greater opportunity for those voices to be heard in the widest possible academic community. This will be of two way benefit because it will also enable the non autistic research community an opportunity to gain from the insider approach, to provide a better quality of material for citation and to view some of the classic gems of autistic writing which we hope to republish.

If you are looking for mutual support from other students undergoing courses of academic study, please select the Autuniversity list button from the links below, and if you are interested in the Journal please select the Journal Front Page (currently under construction)

Other links of interest are provide to Clare Sainsbury's site and the Ethical Autism Research blog for people interested specifically in the ethics of autism research.



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