Welcome to the Autuniversity homepage.

Initially this was the homepage of the Autuniversity mailing list: currently it is part of an expanding project concerning autism and the world of academia, aimed at redressing the imbalances in access to higher education and the academic world in general.

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Who is the list for ?

This is a list for students with an autistic spectrum condition studying at university or tertiary education level.

You do not have to be a current student to join, ex students, and people considering applying for a university or college place may also belong so long as the focus remains on sharing strategies for survival in the sometimes difficult environment of higher education.

Hopefully this site will grow into a resource for students and people on the autistic spectrum.

To join the list you need to visit this link:

I want to join the Autuniversity list

To ensure that this is a safe list, all new applicants will recieve a request for them to briefly explain why they wish to be on the list before membership is confirmed

The list is currrently maintained by Larry Arnold and is a new list not to be confused with the list formerly maintained by Clare Sainsbury.

Clare Sainsbury has many valuable resources still available on University Students with Autism and Aspergers syndrome

Why is this page hosted as www.neurodiversity.eu?

visit the Neurodiversity page in Wikipedia or Neurodiversity.com

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