A Unique Video profiling three Students with Asperger's syndrome.
(VHS, Running time - about 20 minutes) Price 15.95


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  A still from the video showing Nick, one of the participants


" The aim of the video is to give the viewer an idea of the nature of Asperger syndrome in three distinct ways: the opening and closing sequences displaying Laurence’s feelings and reactions on his journey to and from college; a brief address by the college lecturer, John, explaining the nature of the condition followed by intercut ‘talking heads’ detailed explanations given by three individuals with Asperger syndrome, Laurence, Nick and David, about anxieties and the effect that the syndrome has on their daily lives. The explanations followed themes focusing on particular kinds of difficulties, such as obsessions or rituals, and showed the speakers in more than one setting,"

"The introduction by the lecturer was clearly presented and made a good introduction to the condition. The following section featuring the ‘talking heads’ approach was particularly successful as the three men are such differing personalities, yet share such dominating anxieties and difficulties in their lives."

"Their honest accounts of the problems with moderating tones of voice and the potential for getting into trouble because of not knowing rules or because of their behaviour and anxieties, for instance, really helps the viewer to understand the problems faced by the speakers. "

"The video has some really interesting and illuminating scenes and could easily be used in Branches! Contact groups as a focus for discussion, and in training sessions for professionals"

Anne Cooper National Autistic Society

Now available from NAS Publications priced 15.95   NAS Publications
Also available "Which ever way you look at it, it's still Autism" DVDNAS Publications