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"I have an affinity with trees and I never slept much. I would go out and about in the various woodlands around the University at night, and play my flute like the pagan god pan, listening to the echoes which were particular to those locations and totally losing myself in the sound. I could make myself virtually invisible in the woods I knew so well. The university being close to where I was brought up. "

Thus I wrote in my autobiography in 1999 remembering the days of the past when I was at the University of Warwick.

Thus was that quote included in Barbara Jacob's book with the awful title I could do without "Loving Mr Spock"

Thus it is now nearly thirty years on. I am still at it :)

This page should display an mpeg video of Me as I was today 3rd November 2003 in Clowes Wood near Earlswood Lakes. In case that doesn't work here is the LINK to download the file


<a href="woodplay.mpg">Me in Clowes Wood</a>

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