Although I no longer trade as a photographer, I am willing to sell my pictures as either 10 x 8 inch or 20 x 16 inch (depending on original format) photographic prints in order to finance my hobby. The price will depend upon where you are based.

In the first case you may contact me by:

Voice mail 001 530 706 5204

Giving details of the picture(s) you would like

Please refer to my terms below:



1. All orders shall be made in writing with the customers address and contact details provided , and shall be signed by the Customer or, in the case of a firm or company, by a responsible person representing the Client.

2. Orders placed by fax or email shall only be accepted at my discretion.

3 In exceptional circumstances, and entirely at its own discretion, I may accept an order given orally by an existing or former customer who has had notice of these terms and conditions, and these terms and conditions shall apply equally to an order given and accepted orally

4 In the case of my accepting an order given orally, the Client shall confirm such order in writing as soon as practicable and, in the absence of written confirmation, I shall accept no liability for any error in executing the order

5 I reserve the absolute right to refuse to accept any order whatsoever and for whatever reason,


6 In the event of the Customer cancelling an order I reserves the right to charge the customer the incidental costs of that order already undertaken.


7. Payment shall be in advance of the order by cheque or international money order (an additional commision of 10% will be charged for all cheques not made out in pounds sterling) and shall include the cost of posting an package to the customers satisfaction.

Accuracy of Size and Colour Matching

8. All sizes quoted are nominal and may be subject to a margin of error Larry Arnold Communications shall accept no liability for such minor variations in size

9. The Customer accepts that fine colour matching is subjective, and that totally accurate colour matching to I 00% fidelity is rarely possible However, I will endeavour to achieve the closest possible colour match within the limitations of materials and processes used


10. The Customer shall indemnify Larry Arnold against all third party actions, costs, damages, losses and other claims of whatever nature arising out of the execution of the order in accordance with the Customers instructions


11. The copyright in all original photography created by Larry Arnold shall be and shall remain the property of Larry Arnold in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The customer is granted a licence for the display and private enjoyment of the picture and any further reproduction or use shall be subject to a seperate negotiated licence and fee.


12. Delivery will normally be made via the Royal Mail unless the customer has any specific requests otherwise.

13 I shall not be liable for any damage to, discrepancies in or shortages of delivered materials unless notified by the customer within 48 hours of delivery. If I am so notified within 48 hours, all materials delivered, together with all associated paperwork, shall be returned to me as soon as practicable