Landrover Stealth Camper

Ever since I was little I have enjoyed caravanning, but some years ago it became no longer practicable for me to do and I ended up parting with a rotting van that was only using up space and costing me to rent it.

At one time in my youth I had dreamed about building a caravan, but at that time it was no more than an idle dream considering I could not even drive at the time.

However anxious not to give up the joys of caravanning forever and having aquired a landrover, I decided it was time to make such dreams reality.

I did not draw up any plans, I concieved the whole idea in my head and have proceeded on a piecemeal basis seeing what worked and what did not.



Having found a caravan breakers I got a mattress to experiment with, this is my first arrangement, leaving the second row seats in place and simply putting it all over the top. It did not work out very well so I abandoned it.



I built a framework to hold a sink on the other side and also added a cooker from the caravan breakers. The strong box is still part of the arrangements to keep my cameras safe.


Over time I have made improvements using chequerplate aluminium to box things in.


I reversed the middle second row seat and used it to conceal a porta potti underneath which lifts out for use


I added further storage under the seats (RH picture shows leisure battery)


This is how the bed arrangement currently works, this was at an early stage before I had fully boxed things in



Current Kitchen arrangements, not the fire extinguisher, there are two in the vehicle


The latest addition, cupboards and screening for more privacy,


Looking toward the front, a pull down blind is concealed beneath the pelmet which also provides a handy shelf. There will be more alterations as time proceeds



More cupboards recently added. Note the carpet tiles used as insulation, you can see how they are fixed to battens here



Looking towards the rear





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