My Landrover (Series III 109" 1973)

I guess I have always wanted a Land Rover, this was my second landie, the first was a plastic series one with a friction drive motor that only lasted one day of rough playing :(
Yes, I know it is not a Landie, This was my first real car, after I had just taken it offroad on Christmas Day 1986

This is what I saw in the yard the only one I could afford.


And this is what I got to take home.


Not bad looking at all ....... however .......


Why are the back doors now green ?


Because the door frames were rotten, disguised with a fibreglass repair. I replaced the doors


More horrors found covered in cosmetic filler. (the left step is no more, it hit a rock)

all I have done with this is paint it over for now, as it will be covered by new door seals eventually


  As if that wasn't bad enough this is what a stolen car did overnight on Easter Sunday


Make do and mend repairs to the right footwell (now disguised with filler again)

I have used fibreglass matting on the left side. The inside of the footwells are plated with aluminium, on the inside of the plates the previous owner put in and covered with filler.


Behind the dash was a rats nest of wiring, none of which made sense. I have pulled out vast amounts of redundant wiring and bypassed the faulty indicator stalk with a seperate dip switch on the dash.

That spare on the roof
More problems to contend with, discovered underneath


And here she is at Billing 2004



Not a conventional paint job or anything you would recognise but I thought why not? There was no reason to repaint the doors so I thought I would blend them in.

Conversion into a "stealth" camper



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