Where do I come from ? a familiar cry, here is the history of one side of my family as set down by my father Ben Arnold 1927- 1985 .........

Notes. further details of these families can be found in Census returns included on this site

Benjamin Arnold

Born 5th February 1878, Died 27th October 1937,

Father of Ben Arnold. He married Florence Elliot on 17th September 1910. They were both living in Station Street East at the time and were married in St Paul's church Foleshill. They lived at 336 Foleshill Rd where he had a shop carrying on the trade of bootmaker. had 6 Children, Ella, Fred Hilda, Olive, Jim and Ben. Ella being named after her grandmothers initials. It is possible he learned his trade and was named after his mothers father Benjamin Warden. He was rather bad tempered and an outspoken man. A member of the Vauxhall club Cross /Rd. and a member of the Ancient Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. It is fairly certain that he knew Henry Elks who was a member of the same club. He seems to have cut himself off from his family over some argument when his mother died. He was bald headed, round faced and portly in appearance and liked to have a drink and sing songs at his club. His marriage was witnessed by his brother and sister in law Oliver and Sarah Jane (Jenny) Elliot. About the only holidays he ever had was when he would visit Nuneaton for the bank Holidays. He died penniless and is buried in St Paul's Cemetery, he was 59 years Old.

Thomas William Arnold

Born 5th March 1860 Died 14th September 1933.

Registered in Nuneaton Census returns for 1861 as being 1 year old and living at 64 Weddington Lane, and in Foleshill Census returns as 11 years old and being at 64 Foxford in 1871. Both birth and Marriage Certificates obtained. Eldest son of Thomas Arnold and Sarah nee Wakelin. Married Emma Lucy Louisa Warden at St Laurence church Foleshill 25th December 1877 stating himself to be an engine driver and aged 18 years, this being untrue as he was only 17 yrs old. Later became a carpenter and worked at Alfred Herbert's as a pattern maker in the latter years of his life according to Elsie Tallis. His marriage witnessed by Henry & Elizabeth Procter his sister in law. After his first wife's death he married his sister in law Jane Brogden a widow married twice before and lived with her at 229 Windmill Lane (Spring Cottage) He formerly lived at 101 Highfield Street Foleshill (Later Eld Road) He had 4 Children by his first wife, Benjamin, Tom or Thomas, Herbert and Lillian . According to those who remember him he always went fishing on his birthday (Elsie Tallis) He argued with all his sons (Tom Arnold , Grandson) He was very skilled at making wooden objects and made a lifelike snake in sections (Beatrice Ison). He must have been quite well off in later years as his first wife was left two properties in Union Place, Longford by her father Benjamin Warden in 1906 and his second wife was also left properties at the same time according to Benjamin Wardens will (obtained) His first wife died august 1908 when living at 24 Station Street East. According to Elsie Tallis he was mean and bad tempered and probably married Jane Brogden in the hope of getting her money, but she left him nothing in her will (obtained)

Thomas Arnold

Born 15th May 1833 Died ??

Registered in Nuneaton Census Returns in 1841 aged 8 years and living in Abbey Street, in 1851 as 18 yrs living at 82 Abbey Street and a servant and in 1861 as 27 yrs and married to Sarah nee Wakelin and his trade being a sawyer and in Foleshill Census returns as William Arnold (??) living at 64 Foxford. This last entry was obviously a mistake as his age is given as 37 which is correct, his younger brother William would have been only 35. His eldest son Thomas William is registered only as Thomas a scholar aged 11, hence the misunderstanding. Also in the Census returns he has Alfred age 9 , Elizabeth, age 7, Walter born Leicestershire age 4 and Sarah age 1. Married at Nuneaton parish church 28th October 1856 to Sarah Wakelin (both marriage and baptism documents obtained) his sister Elizabeth one of the witnesses. There were two children who died in infancy before Thomas William was born according to Nuneaton Burial register. George son of Thomas Arnold, Weddington Terrace 7th November 1 857 and Lucy Jane daughter of Thomas Arnold, Weddington Terrace, 7th February 1859. His father William also dying at the same address in September 1858 aged 62. Thomas and his wife and family moved to Foleshill sometime between 1861 and 1871 probably about 1862 as Alfred his son was born in Foleshill (addenda) In 1881 Census lived at 193 Longford (the engine Inn being 194 Longford) with daughters Elizabeth and Sarah not there presumably being dead. Two additional sons Albert 8 and Edgar 4, Thomas William being married had left home.

William Arnold

Born 30th August 1797, Died 18th September 1858.

registered in Nuneaton Census returns 1841 as being an agricultural Labourer age 40 living in Abbey Street with his wife Mary nee Radford age 40 and Children Lucy age 12 a silk weaver Elizabeth age 10 Thomas age 8 and William age 6. In Nuneaton census returns 1851 as age 56 a Labourer with his wife Mary age 56 a silk winder, Lucy age 21 a silk winder, Elizabeth age 20 a silk weaver and William age 15 a ribbon weaver. Married 31st October 1825 to Mary at Arley Parish Church his wife then living there (both birth and marriage certificates obtained) Died Weddington Terrace 1858, his wife died in Nuneaton Workhouse, 11th March 1864 age 68 according to Parish Burial register. William was the eldest son of John and Ann Arnold and was difficult to trace because his baptism is entered in the burial column and he married outside nuneaton. also the early census returns gave peoples ages to the nearest five years only . He had 7 brothers and sisters, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Anna, Lucy.

John Arnold

Born 27th Jan 1750/1 Died ?

Father of William Arnold. Married in Nuneaton parish church 9th October 1796, to Ann Turvey by Special licence, Copy obtained. According to licence he was 40 years old and a Yeoman. In 1816 his brother Charles left a will (copy obtained) appointing John sole executor and leaving him his house or tenement and gardens etc in 55 Abbey Street. Charles died 7th July 1816 age 55 and a bachelor according to Nuneaton burial register. The Will also mentions a brother Robert and nieces and nephews so there was John, Charles,Robert and a sister who married a Wheway. He had 8 children, William the eldest , Mary, Ann, John, Elizabeth, Lucy, Anna, Sarah. No record of his birth or death can be found in Nuneaton Parish Register, There is no doubt that the signatures on the will, licence and marriage register are all his. He must have been a man of some means being a Yeoman and being the main beneficiary of his brothers will, He was still alive in November 1816 being then 60 or 61 years old. Further research revealed he was born in 1750-51 therefore being 46 when he married, also his sister was named Sarah, the parents were William and Ann Arnold. Tithe records show he paid 4 shillings 9 pence Tithes in 1803.