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Local landscapes - part 1

The countryside of Warwickshire was always close to hand, here are some of the first photos I took of it with my SLR

photo of Stoneleigh church

Stoneleigh Church

photo of Stoneleigh Village

Stoneleigh Village from Motslow Hill

The road to Stoneleigh

The road to Stoneleigh, where we used to walk when I was young

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

The Vale of Tysoe

Near Tysoe, a little further out but I would cycle this far

The Castle Edge Hill
Edge Hill, above where the Civil war battle took place, my scooter is in the foreground
The Rollright stones

The Rollright Stones, there are many legends about these

The Rollright stones
The Rollright stones

The Kings Stone, Great Rollright

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