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Here are some more pictures from the City where I was born and live.

The Redeveloped City Centre from St Michaels Spire 

  Coventry's New Cathedral

Smithford Way

Two of Coventry's famous Three Spires

and the third

St Michaels Spire the third tallest in England

Old Coventry Cathedral (worth repeating)

Holy Trinity Church

  St John's Church

The New Cathedral designed by Sir Basil Spence

Epsteins Sculpure

The Chapel of Industry


Hertford Street


Thrust SSC the World's first supersonic car being
welcomed into Broadgate

  Coventry's Ring Road snapped from the driving seat

The renewal continues with project Phoenix 
And the result, the new Whittle Arch

  St Mary Magdalenes, Wyken, Coventry's oldest church

Station Tower Coventry 177ft

Alpha House,
built a floor at a time which was then jacked up and a new one inserted underneath

Tower Block

The original Warwick University buildings by Yorke, Rosenburg and Mardall

Quirkitechture at Warwick University
The Shining City   The Shining City
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